Boost your business with Advance web solutions

Offering up to the market and ideal Advanced web solutions including strategy building, implementation, project management, web development, hosting, and custom application development

Swayam has in-depth expertise in developing and delivering Advanced Frontend apps .our full-stack Development team develops solutions for each requirement and also offering various solutions not only can we deliver on functionality but also on price. These feature rich solutions provided you with a wealth of features and flexibility above and beyond most Open Source offerings, including full solution, third-party API integration, navigational, page structure and metadata content control.

Swayam developed Frontend apps like:

  • Shopping cart web development services
  • E-commerce website development
  • Real Estate website development
  • B2B web development
  • Job portal development
  • Educational Websites

Our Frontend development group is extremely excited about building quality, exhaustive Frontend solutions and exceeds expectations in giving Frontend development service utilizing JQUERY, AngularJS, Knockout JS, React JS and Require JS . We give improved, powerful Frontend frameworks that can undoubtedly scale up and acquire low support cost.

Angular JS : AngularJS framework gives super powers to HTML by adding all the necessary features required to build dynamic views (interactive user interface). It gives option to extend HTML attributes by the use of Angular directives. Extending HTML with AngularJS is very simple, one can use standard AngularJS directive or develop a custom directive and mount it on any div.

Knockout JS: Uses MVVM Model pattern and enhance the user interface to greater extent with no external dependencies.

React JS: A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user best at rendering complex user interfaces with high performance. The basic fundamental behind React is the concept of virtual DOM. React JS utilizes a virtual DOM, which can be rendered either at client side or server side and communicate back and forth.

Require JS: is a file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like Rhino and Node

Ember JS: MVC JavaScript framework includes better performance in complex UI rendering, server side rendering of DOM, two way data binding, server side rendering etc.

Key highlights


Easily customizable web page designs and templates

Dynamic content modification and Content moderation

Highly secure and reliable systems, Useful for any responsive websites

Reliable bug fixing policy

Document & File Management

Social media integration

Scalability for future upgrades, Extensibility and integration

Extensibility of features, Rapid Development

Extraordinarily expressive, Free, open source, Small & lightweight

Single Page Web Applications

We Offer


Modern Web Frameworks

Our Modern Web Application can take your initial prototype and structurise using Modern MVC like style and evolve it into an essential and powerful enterprise modern web application. With familiar simple-to-use tools and minimal training you and your organization can publish and engaging development whenever required.

Advanced CSS Frameworks

Swayam ambition is to “Design First”, Having familiar with Advanced CSS framework is biggest assets for us to provides upscale CSS customization and awesome UI and builds dynamic User interfaces from scratch. Our Full-Stack development expertise includes extensive experience in user-defined UI development.

Advanced JS Frameworks

Swayam has exposure on various JS frameworks like 2D,3D animations, vector graphics, geographic maps, testing & automation JS etc.