Swayam can help you in transforming your journey from product to a platform simplifying your application and technology landscape.

The arrival of smartphones, tablets, and touch screens have a major influence on web design in the last couple of years. From the “Appification of Everything” to thinking of mobile apps as the “successor to the website,” apps and websites are converging in terms of their architecture and preferred end-user experience. Companies need to plan for this multi-screen world where the web is “appified’, or else risk crawling to catch up.

Our approach to appification is to try to understand how to properly appify your particular domain in a way that fully explore the unique features of the required platform. Swayam utilizes a broad array of tools and assets to accelerate the app development.

Our proprietary methodology are tailored made to provide you a pragmatic solution that maximizes your shareholder value. Our appification services are based on industry-accepted best-practice frameworks and are designed to help you maintain a competitive advantage.