Swayam Support and maintenance helps delivering high operational efficiency and better business alignments. Apart from providing business aligned and innovative software, Swayam comes with a decade of experience providing support and maintenance services. We constantly monitor the systems and services so that businesses do not have to worry about application downtime.

Our holistic approach using set of tools and processes drives sustained benefits aiming at increased ROI. We are focused towards continuous service improvement for bringing in delightful user experience to the customers. We capture all the required knowledge during transition from the implementation team and get into joint operation before reaching steady state.

Key highlights


Service Level Management

Knowledge Management

24/7 Support

Incident & Problem Management

Change & Release Management

Configuration Management

ITIL Based Approach

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

Service Reviews



Application Monitoring

We have in-house tools in place that monitor the applications and trigger alerts. Support monitors the events recorded in the monitoring tools

Production Emergencies

Just like people do errors, computer software and hardware are also prone to making errors. These high severity problems are to be addressed immediately to ensure that business is not impacted.

Fix Issues

Issue can be anything among bug, service failure and unexpected behavior of application that is reproduced in some cases and not in other. All of these fall under issues that are of low priority than emergencies.

Assist Business

Usually organizations have close out process on a regularly scheduled basis. For example, financial closeout happens on a monthly basis. These close out processes are carried on applications and customers rely on support staff for assistance with business process

User Access Management

Users need to be added, removed or updated as and when required. This sometimes might need to be done on bulk & at individual level mostly

Service Desk

Our service desk seeks to facilitate the integration of business processes into the service management with user-centred approach

Answering User Queries

Users come up with questions due to lack of sound understanding of the business. Understanding questions can be more in some applications due to the lack of proper training to users or new users joining the business. Sometimes code is the ultimate source for support to understand processes

Process Driven & SLAs

Support systems should always be driven by process, ITIL framework implementation is ideally expected. Service Level Agreements would be in place to gauge the support provided. This will help support to concentrate on continual service improvement

Service Reports

It is important to assess the performance of support team to streamline the processes. Reports detailing the performance with insights and trend analysis also help work towards optimization and making strategic decisions

Knowledge Management

Capturing, documenting, sharing and effectively using application knowledge plays a key role in effectively supporting applications. For example, known error database (KEDB) makes the job of service desks easier. It helps increases the quality along with decreasing the time taken for incident resolution