B-School  application is a plug and play solution which is designed for the Educational Institutes to provide learning for working professionals within the context of Skill improvising. Learning is now in your figure tips with the help of B-School e-learning Mobile Application.

How can a user get benefited from B-School  App

B-School app is a full packed  solution which helps you to train your esteemed clients with the courses offered. This customized solution enables the professionals to apply the learning acquired in classroom/online to their respective job. Our solution come up with the rich features of maintaining documents repository and convert them into a visually rich and engaging training material combined with the right set of activities. These activities involve custom programme offering, attendance management, group discussions, food plan, informative dashboard, 360 degree reviews, dynamic quiz and assessment. Through our B-School e-learning solution, you can give your learners the greater flexibility and to provide opportunities for off-campus learning, possibly accompanied by face-to-face interaction and give them a better learning experience compared to traditional courses. Since this application is a cloud based and so you can’t download and install in your local machine. You can access your data anywhere with just internet access. Our team of well experienced developers coordinated with domain knowledge experts and built this beautiful application with the features of:

Reporting and Tracking

This application comes up with the option of published report of a participant to the subsequent manager helps to keep tracking the progress and can easily measures the worth of investment.

Programme Customization

Rather than choose a programme offered by the educational institutes, this smart app comes up with the option of requesting a customize programme which is a tailored made to specific organization.

Multi user access

Every user of the app has access to smart app within their boundaries. Allows the user to view their respective programmes, score of a recent quiz, historical data, review and feedback.

Knowledge Evaluation

Dynamic Quiz and assessment module helps to evaluate the so far status of your participant and can allows you to take necessary steps in order to overcome any obstacles.

Smart Learning Process

Process of offering a programme and attending the same is very much simple and a new user can figure out everything out easily. Smart Learner app comes up with a simple process.