Swayam Group Data & Business Intelligence Solutions provides a great performance, scalable enterprise Business Intelligence platform capable of delivering deep insight with interactive dashboards and superior analytics through Web and mobile applications. Swayam BI solutions make Business Analytics easier, faster, and more user-friendly. It will enhance productivity, screen trends and discover differences, and forecast business opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive solution for Data & Business Intelligence along with analytics combining deep technical experience. Our end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions leverages well-tried collaborative and iterative methodologies to provide business intelligence implementation and support services to clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Integration & Migration
  • Big- Data
  • Data Visualization
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Reporting, Analysis and Dashboard Solutions

Key highlights


Business and enterprise IT solutions include integrated metadata, governance and scalability

Store data in the cloud to access from anywhere

Analysis and Reporting Services

Easily track, manage and generate real-time reports of key performance metrics

Easily integrates with Microsoft solutions, Yammer, and other tools

Intuitive interface easily enables to connect other tools

Adaptive Planning, Discovery, Consolidation and Reporting

Gain advantage of R & D focus and High speed analytics

We Offer


Microsoft BI and Analytics Integrated Dashboards

Platform-specific native mobile apps offer high performance, better customer experience and have higher reliability.

Customized Analytics Dashboards

Our development approach can be summed up as combination of domain specialization and results driven methodologies.

SQL server Integrated Services & Reporting Tool

Our skilled application developers are directed by industry standards and best practices and specialise in mobile web and hybrid technologies.

Data Visualization with advanced analytics

We integrate multiple data sources within a single dashboard or set of visualizations with advanced analytics

Operational dashboards

When you require low latency data feeds and a continual view into what is happening within the business unit such as sales, marketing, help-desk, supply-chain etc. It helps you to identify KPIs.