Chatbots Are New Apps – How Your Business Can Leverage Bots

What Microsoft Has To Say about Chatbots

According to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, chatbots are just like basic messaging bots that are slowly changing computing for everyone. He further added that the developers who are working on making the apps, be it desktop or mobile, and even websites, have now started using bots as a new interface.

We know that Microsoft is already a leader in the industry. It has started making bets on what it refers to as the conversation as a platform and is providing software developers with the latest technology, so that they can build their own chatbots. It won’t be wrong to say that the chatbots are becoming an important part of computing and Microsoft is out there to get the maximum advantage of this situation.

According to Nadella, the actual value of the bots is when you ask them simple questions and they get you answers from different sources and then present it in the simplest manner. In addition to this, they work with tablets, desktops and smartphone and even voice gadgets like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

He further added that the bots will not replace the existing apps but there will be some changes for sure. It is the right time for the developers to think big and find out ways in which chatbot can make the software and the existing apps better. Nadella says that with time more and more tasks will be handled by bots.

Are Chatbots the Future?

Chatbots are the future of marketing and you can see several brands use it in order to communicate with their customers.

Are Chatbots the Future?

Chatbots are a computer program that the customer interacts with through a messaging interface. You don’t have to type anything, but can simply chat to it and ask simple questions like ‘What is the temperature today?’ You can find chatbots on forums like Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, Apple Messenger, Telegram, Kik, and WeChat. In order to keep up with the latest trends, so many companies have started using chatbots. Here are some of them:


  • Hipmunk’s bot gives advice and recommendation about the flight and the hotel details.
  • Uber’s integration in Facebook messenger allows users to get a ride and even tell their friends about the ETS without even using the app.


  • Capital One allows the users to make payments, check their balance and even review the transactions.
  • NerdWallet lets you find credit card rewards.
  • RBS ‘s chatbot will answer your customer queries in an effective manner.

Media & Entertainment

  • Fandango gives fans information about the movies, locations, timings, and even the trailer links.
  • Disney had created an Officer Judy Hopps bot to promote its movie Zootopia. Users even helped the bot to solve mysteries. It was seen that on average people were spending 10 minutes talking to the bot and several people returned to solve new cases.
  • Universal Studios promoted their movie ‘unfriended’ with a Facebook bot that spoke like the character Laura Barnes.


  • Hewlett Packard  has bots that allows the people to access their photo galleries.
  • Staples has a bot that takes care of customers servive and orders. If the query is too complicated for the bot, it is automatically transferred to an agent.
  • The Weather Channel’s has a bot that tells people about the daily and weekly weather forecast.

Social Good

  • HelloVote was there during the 2016 elections to help them get to the polls and even learn about voter registration.
  • UNICEF also has a U-Report bot that allows people to talk about the issues that there community faces.


  • CNN  has a Facebook bot that sends the users breaking news.
  • Today Show’s bot can give you the headlines as well as the URLs to the full stories.


  • Boston Children’s Hospital gives information to parents about their children.
  • HealthTap answers health related questions.
  • MedWhat gives instant answers to patients and doctors.


  • Copa 90 gives users animated updates like the goals and the player profiles to the UEFA European Championship fans.
  • NBA gives people updates and highlights.


  • Burger King, and PizzaHut shows the users their orders and even the ETA of their food.
  • Domino’s chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Amazon Echo, smartwatch etc.
  • Taco Bell takes orders and gives you order confirmation.

Beauty & Fashion

  • H&M offers inspiration to its users.
  • Sephora’s bot shares beauty related tips and tutorials.
  • Victoria Secret PINK helps girls in finding the perfect bra for themselves.

These are just some of the companies using chatbots to enhance the user’s experience. Another big advantage of chatbots is that you can seamlessly move from human interaction to machine interaction. Companies can employe a chatbot to take care of customer requests, and if the customer says something too complicated for the chatbot to understand, a person could take over chatting.

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