Secured and accelerated migration for complex IT environments

Move securely from the existing infrastructure to the Cloud using IaaS / PaaS / SaaS based service models. Mitigate risk and maximize performance.

Migrate your Cloud ready apps seamlessly…Cloud migration is crucial to bridge the distance in business demand and IT capacity. Migrating enterprise applications to cloud starts with a comprehensive strategy, and success is achieved only through detailed planning and strong technical execution. Swayam’s Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. Our solutions avoid risk, maximize performance and inventive repeatable processes leading to future business growth.
Accelerate your time to value with Swayam’s cloud migration services and migrating from existing infrastructure to Cloud and thereafter enhancing application considering cloud services. We provide a full range of services and resources to make that process fast, efficient, and non-disruptive.

Key highlights


No additional hardware costs

Services can be customized and also white labelled

Cross device compatibility

High performance and scalability

High availability and on-demand

Users able to access the services via any internet enabled device


Major SaaS services are open source

Enhanced security

Ease of use for cloud storage files, linkage of email and social accounts

Re-usable service components and programmable APIs

Data backup, recovery and replication

We Offer


Server Migration

We offer Hassle free migration in open source & custom applications built in most of the languages and frameworks.

Database Migration

Migrate databases securely and timely. With Swayam’s database migration service, the source database remains operational during the migration, minimizing the downtime for customers who rely on database.

Cloud Migration

We provide a safe, seamless & rapid migration of your cloud-ready applications or in-house servers to Swayam partnered cloud servers with minimal downtime.