Demystifying ITIL for Decision Makers

ITIL refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is simply a collection of business practices that are designed to provide information technology solutions for providing service management in a business. ITIL is a terminology which describes IT compliance and the ability to use it for resolving organizational problems.

Evolution of ITIL
ITIL developed in the 1980s when the UK government realized that there is a need to create IT service management practices. The first version of ITIL gradually grew over 30 volumes. ITIL significantly improved when the second version was launched in 2000/2001. 2007 saw the acclaimed third version of ITIL which made the system famous throughout the world.

Currently, ITIL 2011 is in use, but it remains similar to the concepts described and set up in the 2007 version. The modern version includes 26 processes which allow an organization to achieve organizational objectives and ensure that customer needs are met in the right manner.

ITIL is a powerful framework with the ability to improve service management. It provides a service wrap by constantly measuring IT service in a business and improving it through the perspective of a customer. This system provides multiple benefits to organizations that fully implement it.

Benefits of ITIL Framework
ITIL is a framework, which is designed to offer benefits that constantly improve with time. Here are the top benefits that you can enjoy with the application ITIL in your service management:

Customer Satisfaction
All businesses aim to improve customer satisfaction through different implementations. ITIL is a tool that can greatly produce customer satisfaction by setting up consistent procedures which allow clients to associate with your business.

User satisfaction also increases because there is a fixed process for serving clients. They understand that their tickets will be resolved through a universal policy, which is proven on a global scale and is already successful in a variety of environments.

Improved Availability
The purpose of ITIL is to provide guidelines for IT service management and handling. This improves the availability of a support system, which promotes a business unit on several accounts. Availability to the service structure of a business always leads to increased profits, since clients can connect with you and understand that you are serious about resolving their complaints.

Financial Savings
The use of ITIL platform is excellent for creating strong support structures for businesses. It improves the financial structure of the business, because it provides savings on multiple fronts. You receive a financial benefit because your support structure is efficient and does not require human resources as much, when compared to traditional systems that need more human elements.

Time Gain
When you implement ITIL based service infrastructure in your business, it provides time gains as well. Your problem resolving occurs at an accelerated pace and you transfer information with your clients in a coordinated manner. The time gain allows you to focus on your core business and use the inputs gained from service management to improve your products and services to a new level.

ITIL processes produce transparency in all digital operations of a business. The relevant IT costs are easier to observe with the use of this platform. Once these costs are analyzed, it is easier to implement consistent improvements, which are important for taking the benefits of ITIL in the service management of a business.

Key Elements of ITIL
There are several key elements that make up ITIL. It includes a method of implementing a service design and strategy. There is also a guideline for making a successful service transition. Service operations are also well-defined in ITIL volumes.

These elements are all about improving the service delivery through the use of information technology. The ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite is important as well, since it allows organizations to keep a record of their service structure and ensure that it is using the best elements of the latest ITIL platform.

The ITIL also provides a process of continual service improvement. This is ideal for implementing in mid-level businesses that are looking for organizational improvements which can help the business to grow to the next level.

Implementing ITIL Support
ITIL Support implementation does not happen overnight. It can only occur through an organizational practice and consistent hard work. Businesses may find that implementing ITIL support on their own is a difficult proposition. However, with the right help, it is possible to implement ITIL successfully.

If your business is looking for service management and procedural improvements, then finding a top IT service management company will help you achieve ITIL implementation and ensure that you improve your customer support functions through information technology.

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