Logistic Suite Products

Fully customizable order management solution. Logity Order Management solution is easy to implement, get teams on board as it needs very little training. It is almost as good as using your regular spreadsheet. You get to manage your purchase orders, sales orders, shipments, milestones up until invoicing very easily and we don’t have boundaries on what and how you manage as our solution is completely flexible and customisable. Flexible to design your own data elements as easy as a spreadsheet

  • Personalized custom views as per role or individual choice
  • Self-configurable reports online and scheduled through emails
  • Event triggering & email notifications
  • Configurable and Automated Reporting
  • Dashboards and EDI integrations

Spreadsheets have been there in the business for long. If your teams feel comfortable with spreadsheets or if your customer only supplies data in spreadsheets, not a worry. Logity allows you to work offline and upload your spreadsheet.

Pricing in Logistics and Transportation industry has been a big puzzle and secret art. We tried to unlock the secret and make it simple and visible. Our Pricing and Quotation solutions are there to help sales and customer service teams to speed up the process and make it efficient.

Produce estimate quickly including 3D models of how goods fit into a pallet or container
Set your margin variations including customer specific

Ability to view historical quotations and convert those to bookings
Forum or discussion board for sales teams

FAQ or Knowledge base for sales teams

Pricing & Quotations made easy
Administrate your portal access, margins and link it with your booking solution. Pricing is done at detailed level based on your business approach and methodology.

Enhance your customer experience with improved Service Desk
There is no alternative to great customer service in any industry. When customer reaches out for help any efficient organisation would offer them trackable request identification and sets expectation on updates and keeps them updated time to time.
We have built Service Desk solution keeping Logistics sector in mind with ability to link Order or Shipment scenarios.

  • Customer portal to enable customer to raise and view updates for support queries or complaints
  • Integrated track and trace so that both customer and internal teams are aware of the shipment situation
  • Assign to internal staff and make them own SLAs

CRM made for the industry
Customer relationship management has evolved into more sophisticated space with help of advanced CRM systems and bold customer engagement processes.

  • Manage deals and customer information
  • Take deals through stages and assign activities to team to progress through prospecting process
  • Stay ahead of competition with our easy to use and customisable CRM and Tendering solution
  • Engage with sales team through organised forum
  • Create a knowledge base to help sales team work together consistently
  • Work with global teams easily and work on secure pricing process online
  • Work offline using excel and upload rates into the tender if that is better choice for your colleagues while they capture pricing for hundreds of lanes
  • Plan your tendering process, team and their respective activities through efficient project management
  • Manage entire process starting from prospecting to proposal submission and debrief post result
  • Easy Tendering and Simplified Collaborative Pricing
  • Managing complex tenders in logistics space is a tiring job. When global teams are involved in providing lane level pricing there are plenty of chances of mistakes and unwanted results due to inefficient collaboration depending on complex spreadsheets.
  • Benefit from master price list (optional), multiple pricing templates and customer template translations