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Swayam always believed in innovation and technology and has always adopted to the evolution. Its approach towards technology and capability of utilising the opportunity has driven Swayam to an end-to-end technology company with expertise evolved over more than a decade serving the industry in Transportation and logistics.

Swayam empowers Logistics and Supply Chain Organisations by conveniently moving information over the worldwide supply chain by facilitating the IT Solutions that back them up. Our experience ranges from services for all businesses to being a thought partner in devising strategic solutions for managing various logistics and supply chain processes.

We offer our clients cost-effective, high-quality robust IT solutions, sharper ERP deployment skills, pre-tested domain-specific solutions and customized business intelligence capabilities. Our teams comprise professionals with deep domain experience in freight, transportation & logistics and they are backed by technology experts with experience in development, re-engineering and implementation of IT for these business solutions.

Customer Specific Solutions
Experienced in building bespoke and tailor-made solutions to suite specific needs of business

We Offer

Customer Specific
Customer Specific Solutions Icon

Experienced in building bespoke and tailor-made solutions to suite specific needs of business

Dashboard Solutions Icon

Achieve greater visibility and better decision-making with our Dashboard solutions

Mobile Apps
Logistics Mobile App Icon

Stay connected to real time data anytime & anywhere

Risk Management Icon

Avoid delays and disruptions for better management by identifying the risks

Expectation Manegement Icon

Dynamic business exceptions can be managed for better decisions

Corbon Emission IconCarbon Emission

Lower your Carbon foot-print and build better world achieving cost-effective optimisation

Transport Management IconTransportation

Achieve cost reduction by optimising transportation costs and greater operations visibility

Customer ReportCustom

Customer reporting helps in greater visibility for better decision-making

Pricing and QuotationPricing &

Enables custom pricing for different customers and generate quick quotations in few clicks

ETL and EDI SolutionsETL and EDI

Easy bi-directional data integration and mapping with ETL & EDI Solutions

Case Studies