Products that translate idea into successful business

Delivering product development to global ISVs, SMEs and Large enterprises with high customer satisfaction, helping in converting their ideas, needs, challenges into innovative products

Swayam offers product development services spanning the whole product development lifecycle, from ideation through design to manufacturing and production across diversified industries. With Swayam, you can cut costs and shorten the new product time-to-market while ensuring higher quality, more new features per release and greater innovation. We use our technical expertise to develop product across the entire range of tools, technologies, environments, and methodologies, collaborating with you to give you a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

We have high proficiency in software product engineering, software product design, software systems development services and software product development, for key technology stacks. Our software product engineering practices comprises of a verified processes, suitable development methodologies, excellent development tools, exceptional management tools, and choice of product development methods. We empower our clients to innovate faster and enhance the realization of innovation by guaranteeing approachability, accessibility, awareness and answerability throughout the life cycle of the product.

Key highlights


Adaptation to ever changing technologies

Choice of development methods – Agile, RUP, SCRUM, Waterfall etc.

Cloud software application

Complete product testing cycle

Design, development and enhancement

Development of a quality product on time and within budget

Enterprise Application

High business flexibility and scalability

Migration and porting

Mobile apps

Rapid prototyping

24*7 support

We Offer


Strategic Planning

Taking a product from concept to reality is challenging. The development plans we build provide the detail you need to achieve your next business or technical objective.

Proof of Concept

When you need more than a piece of paper to demonstrate the technical viability of a product, we take the product concept and build a works-like prototype.

Complex Design Solution

When you come face-to-face with a complex product requirement, We provide a team of subject matter experts that find the solution.