SaaSify and rejuvenate your business processes and applications

SaaSify your legacy apps and run your business ‘as – a – service’. Enable this easiest cloud native model and reach large group of users in short time.

Swayam is comprehensive solution for SaaSification…We provide end-to-end SaaSification service to modernise your existing software package to support multi-tenant and scalable architecture, integrate with SaaS administration modules, and to achieve a full SaaS application on cloud.
Our offerings not only covers SaaSification solutions but at a competitive price. The future driven solutions provide wealth of features and flexibility above and beyond most Open Source offerings, including enterprise SaaS, SaaS APIs, create or migrate, cloud hosting and managed hosting.
Here are few SaaS projects cited below:

  • Developed enterprise app for largest logistics industry to estimate Carbon emissions
  • Developed enterprise users access mechanism for invoicing, tracking sales, planning, performance monitoring and communications (including webmail and instant messaging)

Key highlights


No additional hardware costs

Services can be customized and also white labelled

Cross device compatibility

High performance and scalability

High availability and on-demand

Users able to access the services via any internet enabled device


Major SaaS services are open source

Enhanced security

Ease of use for cloud storage files, linkage of email and social accounts

Re-usable service components and programmable APIs

Data backup, recovery and replication

We Offer


Enterprise SaaS Solutions

We use cloud instance of hosted services. We can take your idea, evolve it into an enterprise and powerful business objective. Swayam’s solutions offer the best means of cutting costs and increasing the likelihood that projects will be successful.

Programmable SaaS APIs

We design architecture inside a business to ensure all new applications to work well with the existing software and also provide the programmable services.

Create new or migrate Existing apps to the cloud

Our Team of expertise are directed by industry standards, best practices and specialised in mobile web & hybrid Technologies.

Cloud-based Extensions

Swayam provides improved control on cloud services allowing you to get an outside perspective of your IT environment. We believe in single line cloud and has a screen visible to a peak standards of doing cloud-based extensions.

Data Backup and Replication

Data at Swayam is designed with an high-end architecture by an professional expertise , at the same time data can be taken back up our existence.