Social selling is the way of building relationships via social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social selling techniques include sharing appropriate content, interacting directly with potential customers, personal branding, and social listening. Social Selling is ahead reputation in a range of industries, though it is used for B2B and B2C companies. These companies are now adopting many of those methods as they are transformed to social media platforms.
Social selling will help you in finding and connecting with prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter, the platforms where decision makers can be found, however the best results from social selling come when you make it your major goal to provide value to prospects and build trusted relationships.
Our Social Selling service empowers professional service firms to leverage the power of social networking, and LinkedIn & Twitter specifically, to develop their pipelines and pull ideal prospects into discussion and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.  Our approach to social selling shows how to find ideal prospects, develop connections with them and engage them in significant sales dialogue.


Social selling is well-defined by LinkedIn as “the real way to leverage that brand to fill your pipeline with the right prospects, insights and relationships.”


Twitter for Social Selling engage more frequently and more strategically, set goals around your engagement activity, such as building followers, engagement rates, CTR, web traffic and even conversions.


Facebook has moved into the social selling space. That share the right messages, the right calls to action and continue to the conversation and building trusted relationships on Facebook pages.