Start-up Incubation


“Startup Incubation” is also called Start-up accelerators, grasp major significant importance where investors and business people are launching new Startups and changing the game of business. Swayam Startup incubation provide mentorship, support functions and resources to individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial setups. This enables them to get all the proficient advice and technical supervision that they need to survive for a longer time, unlike most other entrepreneurial ventures that fizzle out within a few months of their launch.

Vision for Innovation


Our vision or mission is the starting point for strategic plans, objectives and metrics. Striving for the vision will always involve change. It is a journey from where we are today to a better future. There is a risk in making the changes necessary on this journey but the leader has to encourage employees. The organizations that have no vision for the future and no desire to change are the ones intended for unimportance and undesirability.

a)Ideation and Business Planning

Swayam Group Experts specializes in drafting detailed business plans for start-ups and small & medium businesses. We start by understanding the basic business idea with our clients. We have a detailed questionnaire which helps us to formally gather all the information that is in our client’s mind. With the information collated, we carry out comprehensive research to understand the feasibility of the venture. In case we come across any gaps, we consult our clients on ways to overcome those. We also add intellectual property to your idea. We are dedicated to your business and would ensure the success by evaluating all the circumstances around it.
Our Ideation and Business Planning includes Ideation & Feasibility Analysis, Industry Scenario Analysis, Economic Opportunity Analysis, Market Research & Survey, Marketing Strategy & Planning, Cost & Pricing Analysis and Financial Modelling.

b)Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a blueprint that contests short and long term business goals with specific innovation technology solutions. Roadmap is the activity of building a new product.  A roadmap interconnects the why and what behind what you’re building. It’s a directing strategic key as well as a plan for executing the strategy. A roadmap is an advanced visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of your product offering.
We create a powerful agile product roadmap that helps you describe how your product is likely to develop and aligns the partners. To guarantee that your product roadmap maps to your organization’s overall targets.

c)Sales and Marketing Strategy

The success of a Startup drive often depends on its approach to sales and marketing. Appropriately, the majority of Startups have little experience in managing sales and marketing. Then How do you we deal with this sales and marketing contradiction? Well it’s in the planning!! Make sure that you have got your sales and marketing strategy in line.
We started helping Startups to build a sales and marketing strategy, streamline their idea-to-market strategy, and so on. When marketing for a Startup versus an enterprise product, it requires a lot more focus on optimizing the highest impact approaches and strategies.

d)Funding and Investments

Swayam Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Swayam Group and focuses on investing in early stage Startups to access newer technologies. Funding and Investments leverages Swayam Group global reach and market knowledge to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies. Swayam Group broad customer base of Global 100 clients gives us a better understanding of customer needs and market trends, enabling us to provide valuable guidance to our Startup partners.



A curated portfolio of more than 15 years’ of experience in working with growth-focused technology Startups to solve the biggest challenges.
In an environment, where Startups increase continuously, at Swayam Group we ally with the best partners to bring to the market new innovative technology solutions created for companies and individuals. we collaborate with technology innovative start-ups focused on the development of unique products demanded by the Technology industry.