Technology alone cannot address the pain points in business. It is the people that are key to success and we have smart & innovative professionals who are client focused. You get 24X7 support from our expert team ready to help over phone / email. We take care of your IT infrastructure and security with least interruption to availability so that you can focus on the business.

Standard security practices are adhered to maintain the security of the devices by working on required components. We believe in being proactive and cover certain set of activities as scheduled maintenance at agreed regular intervals. Important actives covered in the maintenance, but not limited to are Install Updates – Operating System, Anti-Virus and Security Patches, Disk clean-up and consistency checks, Monitor Event Viewer, Purging log files, check memory leaks, etc.

Key highlights


24/7 Support

ITIL Based Approach

Scheduled proactive maintenance

Technical consulting services

Security Intact

Optimal Utilization of Resources

Systems Monitoring

Issue Troubleshooting

Recovery Drills



Access Management

Managing privileged access as a prerequisite for regulatory compliance makes the difference in building stable, secure and change controlled systems

Server Monitoring

It is important to monitor resources (Processing, Memory, Storage, System Processes, etc.), services, logs, backups, etc. on a daily basis. In addition monitoring tools should be in place to monitor the server availability and trigger alerts on 24X7 basis

Server Administration

Ensure servers are running smoothly and troubleshoot problems as they occur

Release Management

Manage releases from development till production driving the quality of services

Performance Tuning

Performance of the servers needs to be tuned to achieve optimal performance based on the system resources available and traffic load

Server Security

Standard security practices should be adhered to maintain the security of the server by working on components like Firewalls, Ports, etc.

Manage Backup Mechanism

It is important to manage backups to ensure your system can be restored when needed. For example securing, retention period, expiration, overwriting, etc.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A set of policies and procedures to enable the Business continuity and recovery or continuation of IT systems following a natural or unnatural disaster