Top 10 AngularJS Framework Best Practices

When it comes to choosing the best practices for AngularJS framework, it is important that you choose the ones that provide you with the most advantages. There are lots of developers that end up getting confused and making the wrong choice when working with AngularJS. Therefore, to ensure that this doesn’t happen with you we are providing you with the top 10 AngularJS framework best practices.

Use AngularJS-specific Testing Tools:

You will have lots of different options for testing, but you need to make the right choice. A lot of developers choose Firefox plugins for testing JavaScript codes, but Chrome comes with developer tools of its own. However, AngularJS is an advanced form of JavaScript, and since Google developed it, the best testing tool on it is a Chrome extension ng-inspector. It allows you to test, review, and debug to find errors in your code and allows you to track the scope.

Scope vs Controller as Syntax:

You should use Scope as Syntax because it allows you to hide the script, and ensures that you don’t expose any members from the controller. It will also let you expose as much as you want to the controller without letting your code be exposed.

Inject Is Always Used Within an Array:

You can use inject as well, but you should know that it is always used within an array. It has a lot of different applications, and therefore should never be used alone when working with AngularJS framework. You will have to find out exactly how to use inject in order to get the right results while working within the framework.

Design A Proper Folder Structure:

You should focus on designing a proper folder structure when writing codes, because it will be very helpful in the future. A lot of developers ignore the folder structure, causing them not to get the best results from AngularJS.

Use Common HTTP Service:

Using common HTTP services will help you keep track of errors and lead to code optimization as well. The code you are writing, will be different from the Http service, and will therefore be easily optimized.

Maintain Constant to Store All the App Constants:

The main reason why it is recommended to store constant, is because they have different values on AngularJS framework. Therefore, it will help you determine the value of any variable, and will not cause your coding to be compromised.

Use Directive for DOM Handling:

One of the most important aspects of the AngularJS framework is that you need to use directive for DOM handling. It is a very important question, and one that you need to answer properly, because without DOM your AngularJS framework is going to struggle.

Use Controller to Manipulate View-data:

One of the most important and powerful concepts of Angular JS is that you can basically manipulate the data along with the view of the code. It helps you set aside data from different ways, and helps you in terms of coming up with best practices that will help your coding in the end.

Custom Directive:

You should know that a directive used in AngularJS is always a reusable component, therefore before you even get the chance to use it, you should keep this in mind. This is because once you do create the directive, it will turn into a code that you can use as many times as you want. So make sure that directive that you do make matches with the AngularJS framework, otherwise it will be useless.

Minify Code Before Production:

If you want your AngularJS framework and apps to work smoothly and in modular fashion, you will need to minify the code before you begin production. There are lots of different module bundle tools that are available in the market, like Grunt, Webpack, or Gulp, and you will be able to split code using any of them whenever you want.


AngularJS is regarded by many to be the leading and most powerful tools for web applications that have ever been developed. It can easily boost web design, and has a major impact on development solutions. The biggest benefit that it affords is that it helps single page applications to provide exceptional results, which is all down to its proficiency, dynamism, and flexibility that make it unique from other web development tools in the market.

It is expected that in the years to come the AngularJS framework is only going to get stronger, and will turn into a robust platform that will offer outstanding services to all industries.

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