Understanding the Risks in Leaving Your Customer Support Informal

Poor customer support design can ruin your business very quickly. You need to understand that informal support system may mean that your customers do not get the required support that they are looking for. Remember, poor customer service can often destroy your expensive marketing efforts.

If you want to understand the risks that you may face if you do not spend resources to provide effective customer support, the elements that we have described in this article will help you realize them.

Business Reputation
It takes several years to build a reputation, but your one poor effort of informal customer support will destroy it in a matter of seconds. As Warren Buffet stated:

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Remember, your brand is the most valuable asset of your business. Your efforts should always remain directed towards strengthening this brand image. With the modern online communication methods, even a single customer service problem can destroy your image.

Customers may not be quick to praise your services, but they are sure ready to post negative reviews the moment something goes wrong. Another behavior that we are increasingly experiencing is the use of social media. If a customer has had any sort of unpleasant experience with your business, they can use social media to quickly spread a word about it.

A survey found that 95% participants will always share a poor customer experience with someone, while over half of them said that they will share it with at least five people. This means that even one bad experience due to an informal customer support system can destroy your brand.

Low Conversion
Although you believe that you do not require a formal customer support setup, this may lead you to run a business model with consistently lower lead generation and sales conversion. People would get annoyed if they are not able to receive the systematic support that’s only possible with the proper integration of customer support software and other service tools.

Informal communication does not have a fixed pattern. Imagine if a customer asked for another service and never received a reply within a few days. The customer will go to a different avenue for the same need, while also posting negative reviews about your company. This can be a serious blow, especially if you are a small-scale business.
The answer to this problem is the use of CRM (Customer Relations Management) Software. We can offer solutions that will help you resolve this issue by enabling you to carefully evaluate and maintain communication with your customers in a systematic manner.

Damaged Customer Lifetime
If you are a business owner, you already know that acquiring new customers is costly and you may need to carry out extensive efforts to get them. On the other hand, successful customer support will allow you to hold on to your loyal customers. You will create a longer consumer lifetime and also resolve customer complaints in a better way.

However, informal customer support which does not follow a lifetime support system will ultimately destroy you and force you to get new customers with expensive marketing efforts.

Profit Reduction
While it may not seem apparent, but informal customer support will greatly reduce your revenue. Having a well-organized system in the form of a software help desk will ensure that your business deals with the queries of the customers in an effective and efficient. This will ensure that you maximize profits in all cases and stay away from bad PR issues.

If your reputation remains stable, you will be able to cut operating costs and start focusing on getting new customers through better marketing efforts. You will not have to worry about losing previous contracts due to minor issues that appear when your customer support fails to identify and communicate a solution to the customer in due time.

Rewarding Loyalty
With the ideal customer support system, you are able to identify loyal customers and then reward them in the form of early bird discounts. You may also consider connecting with returning customers on a special level. But all this is possible when you use a reliable customer support system, which enables you to record every communication.

Once you understand the private details of every customer through an effective support network, you can expect loyalty from them. It also facilitates problem resolution, because the right software allows you to keep a record of the previous resolution efforts.

Put simply, informal customer support increases your business risk and reduces customer retention rate. If you are looking to make your customer support efforts more organized, Swayam Group can offer you the ideal support in this regard with its amazing customer support products.

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