We all know responsive website, digital marketing and CMS goes hand in hand. To have successful business site, it’s very important that your website is responsive, build on right CMS framework and finally make full use of digital marketing.

Responsive Web Design

Tablets and smartphones have changed the approach towards design and user experience. We all want our website design and development to respond to the user’s behavior and environment irrespective of different devices, screen size, platform and orientation. This is where Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes into play.

Why RWD?

  • Effortless multi-device adaptation
  • Seamless user experience
  • Excellent mobile SEO strategy
  • Cost effective
  • Stay ahead of competition

We can offer

  • Developing highly structured and organized sites
  • Responsive UI development for all multimedia gadgets
  • Migration of legacy web application/websites to responsive layout
  • Consulting services for responsive design implementation


One of the mandatory requirement for any website management is the option to flexibly update site content in real-time with control in your hand. Your CMS is backbone of your website. An effective CMS is a critical for any larger organizations maintaining sites with a very high rate of updates.

Why CMS?

  • Provide one solution for all devices
  • It’s easy for the non-technical users
  • Different levels of access to different users
  • Website’s content, its structure and its visual design can be updated independently