Why and How – Outsource Customer Support Services

One of the biggest struggles for any startup, or growing, small organization is the matter of capital and how to invest it smartly. You don’t ever have much of it and then there’s the question of which of the many needs to satisfy with it while you get your hands on some. Efficient operations become the topmost priority, and the need to get more customers and grow without increasing costs becomes supremely important.

In such a situation, outsourcing any skilled job that you need to run your business – but do not have the skill to do yourself – is always a good idea.

So, this post is all about the why’s and how’s of outsourcing your technical support to a professional service. Not only will we talk about why you should be thinking about outsourcing this important job but will also tell you how to do it properly.

Reasons for Outsourcing Technical Customer Support

1. Focus on What You Know Best
Before we talk about how outsourcing will save you truckloads of money, let’s mention the one benefit many people don’t think about. With technical support handed over to an expert team, you and your in-house team can now focus entirely on growth and making your business more attractive to your target audience. You can work on your strategy and optimize your operations while your hired support team sends you new leads and customers.

2. Save Big Bucks
We thought we should put it here in the second spot before you start pointing fingers at our list with your mouth hanging open with incredulity.
Yes. You can really save big bucks by outsourcing customer support to a talented team. This will save you putting a lot of money in hiring a team in-house and the resulting overheads. Add to that the costs of proper training and you have a number much bigger than what you will spend on outsourcing the whole thing to a professional service.

3. Trained & Skilled Resources
Professionals do the job right. An important benefit of hiring a professional support team is that you and your target audience will get access to skilled resources. Instead of your own team answering calls, missing cues all over the place, and losing opportunities for closing a sale, a team professionally trained to understand customer cues and bringing calls toward a sale as fast and subtly as possible will definitely increase your conversion rates.

4. Hours
If you are business serving a global audience, you cannot stay at work around-the-clock and answer phone calls. With outsourcing support to a professional firm, you are making sure no calls or chat requests from your callers and website visitors go unanswered. Professional technical support teams ensure their representatives are available to serve your audience.

5. Rake in Higher Profits
If you were able to invest in hiring the right technical support team, a group that understands the demands of the job, your business, and significant metrics like increasing customer satisfaction on calls, reducing average call handle time, or first-call resolution, you can rest assured your investment will pay off big time. With high quality customer support, even poor quality services sell good.

How to Decide if You Should Outsource Customer Support
While the decision to outsource customer support and finding the right team for it is much simpler for a starting out organization with the current objective to survive and grow, the decision is not so simple for other, bigger organizations.

However, the following steps can help any organization decide whether they should really outsource their technical support department to a professional service or not:

  1. When you have started thinking about outsourcing to a professional support team but aren’t sure, the first thing to do is run a proper risk-benefit analysis. Sit down with your key team members and discuss how outsourcing the support department could affect your brand and goals ahead.
  2. If your team agrees that this could be the right way to go, the next step is to do the math. Stay in your seats and calculate the costs of doing it yourself and outsourcing it. Then measure in actual numbers how much revenue the team you outsource the job to will bring in.
  3. You can get these figures from services you are considering when they give you proposals to take over your support department. Ask them to add the numbers.

At Swayam Group, we provide more than capable technical support services to organizations so their leaders can work on more important things while we take care of their help desk, system support, and support monitoring. We manage these services using dedicated resources allocated to respond to events and tickets as and when they arise. All of this while we also provide periodic reports with weekly and monthly tickets analysis with respect to SLAs.

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